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A guide to Pomodoro Technique

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Dear bellowed readers, Hope you guys are having a great time and all is well. Today I have thought about sharing my honest idea about the technique of Pomodoro.

What is Pomodoro technique?

Pomodoro technique is dividing your huge productivity time bulk into 25mins slots. After doing 25mins of productive works, you are allowed to take a break. That’s it. By following the Pomodoro technique most of the people have been able to spend more productive time in a straight forward manner.

How can you use the Pomodoro technique?

Using the Pomodoro technique is not that hard at all. All you have to do is stay focus for 25mins and take a break. But remember don’t use your mobile phone to browse social networks during this 5mins brake. Your mind will get distracted pretty forward because of scrolling social media.(Yes! All the platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, bla bla.)

Using your normal clock

You can use a normal clock as well as an alarm clock for this. (I think there is no need for explaining the method of using a clock to get what 25mins exactly is.)

Using a smart phone application

There are many apps in both Apple App store as well as the Android play store regarding this Pomodoro technique. And in my case also I have just used so many of them. Out of all the apps that I have used before I got to find out that the app called Forest is so much practical and easy to use. Forest app is available in both Android and Apple platforms. As well as there is a browser extension too.

Forest is free to use. But there is a paid version of it too which is currently priced around $1.25 Forest pro is the first-ever app that was bought me(Yeah trust me it’s so good). But the free version also pretty good there’s nothing bad about it. If you are interested in it, I highly recommend you guys to first go through the free version of Forest app.

The way I used the Pomodoro technique.

Okaay. I don’t wanna lie at all. I was not a good student when I was in school. Pretty much I was not doing great at all. During those time I had no idea about what Pomodoro technique is too. But when I start my higher education I tend to use my time more productively than before. I wanted good grades so I put a little effort there. This is the scenario that I have found the Pomodoro technique from some random YouTube videos. Pomodoro method is so good and I still use it to do my works in a proper way. And remember the Pomodoro technique is fully customizable. That means you can change the time slots as you want. In my case now I am no more doing 25mins time slots. I usually work for 40mins straight and take around 10mins of the brake. Because I found out that way is more successful than the original Pomodoro technique just for me! So try it! If it does not exactly fit for you just customize in the way you love it.

Thank you guys for reading. Bear with us. Hope to share so many thoughts and stuffs with you guys. Stay safe and happy!

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