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The Beauty of Courage I Saw within a Failure

Failure will never outtake you, if your determination to succeed is strong enough. Dr. A.P.G Abdul Kalam Just finishing a huge examination where almost half of the students in our batch failed, me, as a barely passed one, got to mentor a student who was re-sitting for the exam. She had missed the passing mark…


Acing the morning

The darkness of the night slowly dissipates and the hope of light dawns into the world. Certainly, morning should be a joyous occasion. But sadly, it is not for everyone.Morning is a beginning and an end. And for some people, it means the end of peaceful and comfortable sleep and the begging of a filled…

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How NOT to lose yourself inside your head

 Have you ever thought that the biggest power that mankind inherited from millenniums of evolution, the feature that places humans above all other species, is one of the greatest enemies that the human race has been struggling with since the beginning of their existence? Yes, I’m talking about the power of mind. As an individual…

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The story of hangers. Quality Matters!

I and my Girl Friend went on shopping in our home town before she go to the hostel at her university. She had a long list of items that were needed for her to bring when going to the hostel. We bought many items, there comes the key item of the story today, Hangers, Yes…


Happy New Year 2022!

Happy new year everyone! It’s been almost two since we started this blog. It’s a little bit sad to see the little number of posts that we have shared with you all. But I am writing this blog hoping to write more and more this year and share our thoughts with everyone on the internet….

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Introduction to circle management

Hello friends! Hope you guys are doing fine in these hard times. After a long time of silence today, I’m here to express some thoughts about what I think is “circle management” as well as how it has been helping me a lot. What is a circle? The simple answer is the surrounding of yourself….

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Habits that Helped Me to Get into Med School

I’m not a hardworking person. I’m not a person who studies 24/7. I don’t even think I have a huge memory capacity. And I don’t work according to a time table. I have a messy study schedule. I’m lazy. Procrastination is my middle name. But still, I could ace one of the hardest exams that…

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5 reasons for my failures in the past.

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well in these hard times. I would like to talk about failures today. Because I know many things about failing as I have failed in so many things according to myself. Which is opposite to my lovely sweetheart (The other writer of this blog).  I was a failure…

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Quotes that make you fall in love with Life.

What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?  I don’t think anyone has the perfect answers for those questions. Not even the greatest philosophers could explain the reason for our existence.  But despite all the suffering and tragedy and horror, I think life is still a beautiful, wonderful, magical thing. And I gathered…

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Strange Psychological Phenomena That Actually Exist

Human brain has to be the most complex and fascinating organ. Even after experimenting and researching for centuries, scientists have failed to create a complete explanation of the functions of brain. Which is why there are many unresolved issues regarding the it. Sometimes human brain play tricks that are both unexplainable and unbelievable. Following are…

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