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Introduction to circle management

euphoric vibes - introduction to circle management

Hello friends! Hope you guys are doing fine in these hard times. After a long time of silence today, I’m here to express some thoughts about what I think is “circle management” as well as how it has been helping me a lot.

What is a circle?

The simple answer is the surrounding of yourself. Yes. Your surrounding is called as a circle. But remember only the people you interact with are valued and inside these circle. Anyone is capable of having multiple numbers of circles in their lives. But only a few people are capable of managing them in the right way. The inability to manage circles has lead to so many personal problems inside their lives.

you and your circle

What is a circle management?

When it comes to circle management, the process of managing who you are interacting with is the key point. For example, let’s assume that inside your closest circle you have added your wife and the children.

circle managemenet

So according to the above example, your very closest circle is consist of your own family which includes your wife and children. It is your responsibility not to clash your inner circle with the next closest circles(level 1 and above). If those circles got clashed, that incident will lead to a problem sometimes ending with a disaster of someone’s personal life.

circle management - euphoric vibes

Keep in mind above diagram/digrams are only an example of how it may look for someone. These things may differ according to the particular person’s desires, age, and priorities of his/her life at the moment. For example circle management of a student is completely different from the above graph. A person should be able to understand the priorities and how things to be gone, and those understandings are directly affecting this process. To be honest circle management is all about understanding/ at least trying your best to understand.

Hope you find something from this article. Hope to see you guys soon without any delays. Stay safe. See ya.

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