Happy New Year 2022!

euphoric vibes

Happy new year everyone!

It’s been almost two since we started this blog. It’s a little bit sad to see the little number of posts that we have shared with you all. But I am writing this blog hoping to write more and more this year and share our thoughts with everyone on the internet.

When we take a look back into the past year, I know it has been a very difficult, challenging and lives to change year for most of us. The pandemic continued and lots of lives were ruined ruthlessly. Many people lose their loved ones, jobs and dreams. And here were are, looking back on such a year.

When it comes to our lives (me and my girlfriend), important things happened. I got my first ever full-time job as an entry-level software engineer. And my girlfriend almost finished her very first year in medical school. We became more open about our relationship hence we did talk about it with our parents. Things are going well :).

Even though we did not write much in the blog, we decided to continue keeping it. We paid the necessary fees to keep the blog with us. EUPHORIC VIBES is still with us and we are not planning to give it up any soon!

We hope to write a lot more in the future. Write more and more and express our feelings and thoughts. Hope they will become more entertaining as well as very informative for anyone reading our digital footprint on the internet.

Without much more things to say about the past year, Let’s continue to a whole new year today. 2021 may be the worst year for most of us, and at the same time, 2021 may be the best year of someone too. That’s the way of life.

We hope to catch up with you more frequently and come up with more quality content. See you soon. Stay safe.

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