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The story of hangers. Quality Matters!

euphoric vibes - the story of hangers

I and my Girl Friend went on shopping in our home town before she go to the hostel at her university. She had a long list of items that were needed for her to bring when going to the hostel. We bought many items, there comes the key item of the story today, Hangers, Yes clothes hangers.

She needed some clothes hangers. We were at a shopping centre which is spread through several floors and consist of so many items categories from groceries to gym equipment. We went looking for hangers.

We came to the section where hangers were available. But the thing was there was not much of a choice there, there was only one type (style) of hangers. They looked solid but felt cheap and low in quality (according to me, the boyfriend). The price was also cheap. At that time my idea was to skip hangers for just that time and look for somewhere else. I told her about me buying some hangers back in the day and they were slightly pricey than the hangers here but the quality was at a better level for the price. “There was no need for looking for “quality” in hangers.”, “The main functionality is the same.”, “Hangers are hangers, if they are solid and long last, that’s enough”. Those were some of the replies by her. I too began to think on that and realized “mmm yeaaa. There is not much of difference except for the feel of quality. She is right!”. She bought some of those hangers.

After a few days suddenly when I was looking for a t-shirt to wear. I just realized about my slightly pricey hangers! There was a difference! There was a dot-like structure in the hangers that prevents the t-shirts from falling as well as preventing the collar of the t-shirt from getting stretched and getting bigger timely!

euphoric vibes - the dot like structure in the hangers
The dot-like structure in the hangers

I confirmed that “Quality matters!” on that day. We need quality for our lives. Even without knowing, quality adds value to our lives. I got a call and told her about that. The most beautiful part was that she agreed with me without any squabble!

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