Acing the morning

acing the morning euphoric vibes

The darkness of the night slowly dissipates and the hope of light dawns into the world. Certainly, morning should be a joyous occasion. But sadly, it is not for everyone.
Morning is a beginning and an end. And for some people, it means the end of peaceful and comfortable sleep and the begging of a filled with stress and anxiety. No matter what feeling you have first thing in the morning, the way you spend it might decide how your whole day or even your whole week would proceed.

I personally have bad mornings. Not because of unpleasant incidents, simply because I feel down for no reason. And I have been trying all sorts of things to make my mornings less miserable. Here are a few that actually worked.

Have a strict morning routine 

I came to realise that not having a proper morning routine is one of the major reasons for my morning miseries. Whenever I woke up, I used to do whatever I felt like doing, which is mostly nothing.
Having a routine makes it easier to push through the day, to just get on with it in an autopilot mode until your mood settles by itself.
Honestly, it is easier being said than done. And I’m also still working on it.

Earlier, the better.

Maybe this is very personal, but I feel great when I wake up early.

I do not have a very strict sleeping schedule, which means I wake up both early and late, depending on the time I went to bed. And what I have observed is that when I wake up late, I feel more restless and overwhelmed, and it takes longer than usual for me to get into working.
Furthermore, I tend to waste my time browsing my phone or just hanging around.

Small steps.

This should be the philosophy of the mornings. Sometimes we are supposed to have long and stressful s days. And even thinking about them makes us want to crawl back inside the covers and never leave the bed. 

So just focus on small tasks. Getting out of bed itself is an accomplishment. And proceed with each step you have in your routine. 

For as long as I can remember mornings have been one of the biggest challenges I have been facing in daily life. And I go through that every day. 

But challenges are meant to be confronted with a brave face. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m brushing my teeth feeling absolutely awful. But in the end, when I get later into the day, my mood settles down, and I feel even happier about the fact that my morning was well spent.

So just….push through. 

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