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5 reasons for my failures in the past.

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well in these hard times. I would like to talk about failures today. Because I know many things about failing as I have failed in so many things according to myself. Which is opposite to my lovely sweetheart (The other writer of this blog).  I was a failure…

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Minimalism – The view from a newbie.

Minimalism. There are plenty of definitions and tons of explanations regarding this thing all over the Internet. But I am here to tell you guys about the view of mine about the subject called “Minimalism” And I am going to express my view regarding the famous sayings about minimalism. Minimalism is about owning less. Well….

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A guide to Pomodoro Technique

Dear bellowed readers, Hope you guys are having a great time and all is well. Today I have thought about sharing my honest idea about the technique of Pomodoro. What is Pomodoro technique? Pomodoro technique is dividing your huge productivity time bulk into 25mins slots. After doing 25mins of productive works, you are allowed to…