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5 reasons for my failures in the past.

reasons for my failures

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well in these hard times. I would like to talk about failures today. Because I know many things about failing as I have failed in so many things according to myself. Which is opposite to my lovely sweetheart (The other writer of this blog). 

I was a failure when it comes to studies. I can not say exactly the reason for that but I am about to find as much as possible right now while writing this post for you guys.

01. Not able to prioritize what I want.

I have found out that this is the main reason for most of my failures. I do not identify myself as someone who is not smart enough to understand when it comes to mathematics or physics. I was a really good student when I was in like grade 8 and 9, I could leave the class by completing all the mathematics question while others are struggling with it. But after I got access to many opportunities such as playing sports and activities related to clubs and societies, I just did not prioritize what I needed. I was not able to understand the things I should have done.

02. Thinking that I have more time

thinking that I have more time is one of the main reasons behind my failures.

This directly affected me during my advanced level time. I used to think that I have more time when it comes to studies. I used it as an excuse to skip my classes and not to stay up today with my studies. In the very beginning of my advanced level classes, I used to study well and achieve good grades without having any problems. But I could not continue it because I started spending so much of my time to unnecessary pieces of stuff thinking that I have more time.

03. Not having a clear goal.

When I have a look back to my past I think that I had not a clear goal about what to do and who to be. I had goals, but I am not aware of achieving those. I was just dreaming about those goals but I did not work for them.

04. Worrying about what others think.

If you want to get you to want in your life, you have to stop thinking about what others think about you and your actions. You should be able to prioritize what you have to do and take right and straight decisions regarding those. I think that is also one of the main reasons standing behind my failures. When it comes to my other activities which were not related to studies like sporting and other extracurricular activities, I used to always think about what others will think about me when I am up to those. “Will I look like an attention seeker?” , “What will they think about me if I get into the executive board of this club too?”, “Will they see me as a failure if I did not get this particular position in this club?” bla bla bla. I used to think like that and I am sure that most of the people are thinking like that. Trust me. It is not good at all. Those thoughts are holding you back and you will lose most of your valuable time by just thinking about those!

05. Surrounded by the wrong people.

I do not consider this as a direct fact but I still think this is one of the things behind my failures. In my case, I do believe that anyone should be able to associate anyone without getting interrupted by them. But the main fact is we are getting some influence from the once who are surrounded by us. We tend to compare ourselves with them most of the times and that is not good at all when you are surrounded by wrong people. What I meant when I call “wrong people” is ones who are not related or not supportive of what we are doing to achieve what we want. Mainly who brings negative values to our lives. It is up to you to clarify who are “wrong people” and take the necessary steps back from them. 

It took so many time than I except to write this post because I tried my level best to identify what were the real causes for my failures for the past 20 years. There are many but I think all other reasons are like sub reasons for the main five reasons listed above.

Hope you enjoy this post and I hope to write more frequently than before. Stick with us. Stay safe. See you soon pals! 

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