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Minimalism – The view from a newbie.


Minimalism. There are plenty of definitions and tons of explanations regarding this thing all over the Internet. But I am here to tell you guys about the view of mine about the subject called “Minimalism” And I am going to express my view regarding the famous sayings about minimalism.

Minimalism is about owning less.

Well. This point is true. But only to some extent. Minimalism is not only about owning less. It’s all about understanding what we want. Minimalism is all about investing in ourselves. Understanding what we want and what are our true desires. Understanding the roots of happiness. Getting to know about what makes us truly happy. I know in an era of upgrades this thing looks like something impossible for some of you. But the truth is more you have, doesn’t make you happy. An average man or woman from a developed country only uses 20% of their wardrobe. There is not much difference when comparing someone from a developing country too as I am, the writer is also from a developing country. In the case of most scenarios, less is more. Understanding what we want makes you much happier than owning many pieces of stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Minimalist wardrobe

Minimalists live a frugal life.

Minimalists do spend money. They do buy stuff. But the thing is they are more aware of what makes them truly happy. A minimalist is truly capable of understanding what makes he/she happy or improves the quality of his/her life and always willing to pay for it. It does not matter whether it’s an object, service or even an experience. I am not talking about buying the latest Gucci bag from the store thinking that this makes me happy. It’s all about being aware of the functionalities and the real true value comes behind that object. Without caring what others think and others’ reactions. Focussing on what you want and what truly is going with your life. The stuff that makes your life easier and improves your quality of life. And finally, without trying to impress the wrong people.

Minimalists live a simple life.

This point is true. Minimalists live a simple life when compared with non-minimalists. The main key point here is owning less. Less stuff means fewer decisions regarding the objects that they have. Minimalists don’t have to spend 20mins thinking about what to wear in the morning. They can truly enjoy their free time without scrolling down their smartphones. They are capable of having some good quality time with their family and people they love without living inside their digital “impressing wrong people” life.

So finally, the idea of minimalism is thousands of years old, way back to the era of Lord Buddha. But in the modern world minimalism has made a comeback. So many blogs, YouTube channels talk about minimalism.
The key though is not to take something so far, if you get rid of things that you truly enjoy on behalf of minimalism, you are not doing it right. I am planning to write some more posts about minimalism and the way it helps to improve ourselves in the future. So keep in touch with us. Have a great time.

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