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The Difference Between Love and Romance

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

First, I have to say that I’m not a love expert or a relationship adviser. And I have no research experience to speak deeply into this subject. But as a person who is deeply in love and very loved, I kind of think that I’m somewhat qualified to speak about this topic. You know, share my thoughts and opinions according to my own experiences. 

Both in fiction and real life, love and romance go hand in hand. And they are only separated from one thin blurry  line. Often misunderstood and misinterpreted. 

‘Love’ is commonly defined as a deep feeling of intense affection. And the feeling of thrill and excitement associated with love has to be the most common definition of ‘romance’.

One cannot supply a correct definition for love and romance. It differs from person to person. People love differently. Each love is different from another. And gestures that we consider romantic are also personal.

If someone asks me, ‘what is love?’, I would say, ‘love is when you prioritize someone else’s happiness above yours’. And worry the most when they are hurt or down. And your own suffering completely disappears at their pain. Because their well-being is all you worry about. And all you want is for them to be safe and happy. 

I would say Romance is kind of like the language of love; a series of actions and gestures we use to express love. 

I believe love can exist without romance and romance and exist without love. More often than none, romance is misinterpreted as love. What makes it so hard to extinguish love from romance? What’s the difference?

There are different types of love. Romance is exclusive to romantic love.

Love is a feeling that we express to our friends, parents, children, siblings, and many others. A love between parent and child is different from a love between friends. And they both differ from the romantic love between two lovers.

But we reserve romance for our significant other. 

Love is permanent. Romance is volatile

I believe that love never dies. Never disappears. It’s like someone has touched the deepest place in your heart and left their imprint for thousands of incarnations (Yes I know it’s cheesy. But well…don’t blame me. That’s how it feels! ^°^)

And even though the relationship ends in the most horrible way, I suppose love would still continue. 

Romance on the other hand is something volatile. Something that comes and goes. Romance itself (without love) doesn’t last that long. It’s not a constant like love

Love is an inner gesture. Romance is supervicial 

Love is an inner gesture that includes traits like devotion, affection and commitment. 

Romance is a superficial expression that’s conveyed by giving flowers and having candlelight dinners. 

Romance can be self centered. Love serves.

Romance is kind of an act of self indulgence. Something like pleasing the senses. 

Romance is a love for ourselves. Not for the other person.

Robert Johnson

But love is all about selflessness; giving priority to another’s happiness and safety. That’s why a mother’s love is considered as the purest form of love. Because it’s the most selfless kind of love. 

And this is also why one sided love tends to be self destructive. Because you give and give until there is nothing left. 

All those differences between love and romance might have gotten you wondering, “Why is romance needed in a relationship when it’s nothing but a superficial misleading thing?”

Yes romance can be superficial and misleading and somewhat selfish when it comes without the base of love. The romance based on love serves a purpose. And act as the language of love. 

Romance is crucial for happiness in a relationship. It keeps the adding fuel to the fire of the relationship and keeps the relationship alive. It’s also the path to be connected, to be intimate and to strengthen the bond of two souls. 

It creates nostalgia, creates a sense of adventure. 

Romance is the key to a passionate relationship. 

Romance is the Glamour which turns the dust of every day life to a Golden Haze

Elinor Glyn

love itself fails to keep the relationship healthy and happy. Romance is much needed. Together they create a beautiful, stable and happy relationship.

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